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2022 December Bird

The featured bird for December is a Brown Pelican at sunset.

Pelican silhouette, channel marker, sunset

Most people see Brown Pelicans in the air, on the water, or on docks and piers near people who are fishing. But did you know that Brown Pelicans have nests in trees? Have you ever seen a Pelican sitting in a tree?

Family: Pelecanidae
Species: Pelecanus occidentalis
Length: 39.4-53.9 in (100-137 cm)
Wingspan: 78.7 in (200 cm)
Weight: 70.5-176.4 oz (2000-5000 g)

More pelican photos and info.

This photo was taken on Honeymoon Island.

And because it’s December, it’s time to get the St. PetersBird calendar for next year: purchase the 2023 St. PetersBird calendar.

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