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2023 Calendar Cover Bird

The bird on the cover of the 2023 Calendar is a “white morph” Reddish Egret.

juvenile reddish egret, white bird, blue and pink bill, dark legs, St. Petersbird 2023 calendar cover

The Reddish Egret is a medium-sized heron home near shallow salt water along the US and Central American coasts and the Caribbean.

Family: Ardeidae
Species: Egretta rufescens
Length: 27.6-31.5 in (70-80 cm)
Wingspan: 45.3-46.5 in (115-118 cm)
Weight: 24.7-30.0 oz (700-850 g)

The majority of Reddish Egrets are mostly grey in color with a shaggy cinnamon-colored neck. A smaller group of Reddish Egrets in Florida have white feathers all over. A variation like this, is called a “white morph”. You can still tell that the 2023 St. PetersBird cover bird is a Reddish Egret is by the pink bill with a black tip.

Reddish Egrets are known for their impressive “hunting dance” that has them running back and forth, suddenly extending their wings, creating a kind of sunshade, and stopping in place.

Photographed while at Fort DeSoto North Beach (while wondering why this “White Egret” was acting like a Reddish Egret).

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