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2022 June Bird

The featured bird for June is the Reddish Egret.

reddish egret, st petersbird calendar, 2022

The Reddish Egret is one of the most fun birds to photograph because in its frantic running and dancing to stir up fish and then suddenly creating shade with its wings (to give the fish a sense of calm?) and its flying neck feathers, it can be captured in very intriguing and funny positions.

Family: Ardeidae
Species: Egretta rufescens
Length: 27.6-31.5 in (70-80 cm)
Wingspan: 45.3-46.5 in (115-118 cm)
Weight: 24.7-30.0 oz (700-850 g)

Here around Tampa Bay, the Reddish Egret is seen a lot less often than the Snowy Egret or even the Great White Egret. Mostly, I’ve seen it along beaches that are free of other people. And then there was the bird featured this month, which I’ve seen a few times in Lassing Park.

And yes, egrets are types of herons. Generally, egrets are smaller herons (like parakeets are smaller parrots) – but some egrets are larger (great white egret), and some herons are smaller (green heron).

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