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2022 July Bird

The featured bird for July is the Little Blue Heron.

little blue heron, st petersbird calendar 2022

To most this is a known fact, but just to remove any doubt for anyone: The Little Blue Heron (Egretta caerulea) is its own species and not just a smaller version of the Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias). But without a doubt, the Little Blue Heron is quite a bit smaller than the impressively large Great Blue Heron. And the Little Blue Heron actually appears blue, unlike the Great Blue, which appears more grey with copper accents.

Of course, to make it a bit more confusing, the juvenile Little Blue Heron is white; and as it transitions to its adult dark plumage it will be calico for a while.

Family: Ardeidae
Species: Egretta caerulea
Length: 22.1-29.1 in (56-74 cm)
Wingspan: 39.4-41.3 in (100-105 cm)
Weight: 10.4-14.5 oz (296-412 g)

And yes, egrets are types of herons. Generally, egrets are smaller herons (like parakeets are smaller parrots) – but some egrets are larger (great white egret), and some herons are smaller (green heron).

This photo of a Little Blue Heron sitting on a “do not feed or molest gators” sign, I took at Taylor Park in Largo, just north of St. Petersburg.

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